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Original Panbesy P30

Original Panbesy P30
  1. Pregnancy, diabetes, and any kind of heart problems prohibit the intake of the pill.
  2. Must be 18 yrs. of age better not over 50.
  3. Not advisable to take with other prescription drugs.
  4. Everyone is different and there will be varying results from person to person.
Original Panbesy P30

Original Panbesy 30 mg Eurodrug laboratories, Switzerland.

200 capsules

Package: Original Bottle

Panbesy is appetite suppressant. It helps to control appetite for patients with overweight and obesity. Panbesy presented in different dosages: P15 (Phentermine 15 mg), P30 (Phentermine 30 mg), P40 (Phentermine 40 mg), P50 (Phentermine 50 mg).  Panbesy can be taken up to 3 month (12 weeks), 1-2 capsule a day. Pills should be taken before breakfast or lunch. Do not take pills after 4 pm, as it might cause insomnia. 

Panbesy prescribed by doctors to treat obesity, overweight which might bring harm to your health.

Panbesy must be combined with lifestyle changes, diet and exercise, to bring you to a better result. Panbesy supplement helps to reduce your appetite and makes you feel full. 

Panbesy strictly conterindicated for patients:

  • Pregnant and lactating
  • with history of drug abuse
  • Heart disease
  • Blood pressure disorder

Panbesy side effect:

  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
  • Hyperactivity

Consult your doctor before placing order. 

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